5'3" Starting at 128.6 lbs. I may have hit a plateau. Goal is 114 lbs with muscle definition, especially abs, and I'm not sure if it's possible for my body, but I want to see if I can get that thigh gap. lol. I want to look fit, and be healthy for life.

124 lbs- new sports bra
122 lbs- 3rd hole ear piercing
120 lbs- new hair style
118 lbs- new bra
116 lbs- belly pierced
114 lbs- tattoo that i've always wanted

This is my personal "fit diary". but go through my other links for exercises, yummies, and inspiration! :) best of luck on your healthy lives as well fellow fitblrs! :D
Other FITBLRS to follow


Morning, afternoon, and evening workout today!

125.2 lbs

progressssssss. yusssssss. 
see some definition!

and made this today:

protein powder, mangoes, spinach, blackberries, strawberries, milk, ice ice babyy! 

125.4 lbs

made that, ate that. :]
spinach, broccoli, pepperjack spirals, celery salt :] 

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okay yes

That is now my favourite room,

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Unfortunately no snowboarding today. :/ 
but got a workout in this morn.
I’m making PROGRESS!
I see the love handles on my sides are slimming down, and I’m developing a line down the middle of my torso :] 

Weighed myself this morn! 125.6 lbs! 

Making some progress!
Worked out as usual this morn even though I am sick… 

Made lunches for my mother and I:
These are tuna/tomato/cucumber/cheddar/pepperjack on whole graine toast.
Greek Yogurt!
and my new fave: blackberries on honey nut cream cheese! it tastes really really good!

Then I had duck and brown rice for dinner. Tea.

And went to a holiday Ugly Sweater/ White Elephant Gift exchange party and got a Rip Stick and Beyonce’s new CD! Ate some chips, mac n cheese, a buffalo wing, had a frappucino and arizona iced tea too.

I might fit in an ab workout right now b4 I sleep.  

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of getting a fever and sore throat on Day 2 of my fit and healthy blog.

I’ve been working out everday, and eating healthily for the past 2 weeks, and am pretty stress free… Gosh darn it.  XP